Week 1 – Dalton’s Dastardly Dud

More to come, but week 1 scores and week 2 pick sheets have been uploaded. It makes perfect sense who sit-ith on the throne after our first week of action. As a reminder… when you submit your picks for this week, please also provide your NFC & AFC team predictions for the Super Bowl!

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Week 1 – Time to Focus

As this season of Game of Thrones comes to a close… a new beginning is finally upon us! For those of you that don’t watch GoT… there’s probably a good opportunity for you to join the upper ranks of the Cleveland Browns’ organization. I’m pretty sure that was Osweiler’s big pitch… Brock: “I don’t watch Thrones”…¬†Browns: “Cool, you must generally make bad decisions… welcome to the team!”

Bob was the Tom Brady of 2016, but can he be the first one to repeat a 1st place finish??? The pick sheet has been posted and is due prior to the Chiefs at Patriots kick-off next Thursday (9/7). Boom!!

UPDATE: TB @ MIA has been removed from the pick sheet due to the cancellation and uncertainty if the game will be rescheduled this week at a neutral site. If you’ve already submitted your picks, you can resubmit at this point or I’ll just adjust your current sheet by lowering the games with higher point allocations than this game by 1 point (max points now being 15 for this week). So in other words… if you put 15 on the Bucs and 16 on the wager game… the wager game would now becomes 15. Florida peeps stay safe!

Also… Brock is no longer with Cleveland ūüôĀ

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Week 21 – One for the Books!

The incredible victory by the Patriots comes only second to Bob’s 1st place finish. He’ll look to repeat his Brady-esque performance next year as we now¬†enter our sad dry spell of no football :(. There’s no question that Bob has¬†already started his early scouting reports and¬†training camp to prepare for 2017. Congrats to all our top finishers as your names will be forever¬†etched¬†into the¬†annals of the Metro Football Pool Hall of Fame (well… at least so long at the internet continues to exist and I can afford to make payments for this badass website)! We wish everyone a great offseason and thanks again for making the pool a ton of fun!!

1st – Bob Gonzalez

2nd – Phillip Thompson

3rd – Zach Schneider

4th – Rich Leatham

Hot Tub – Ryan Huey

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Weeks 19 & 20 – The Empire vs. The Dirty Birds

Although both the games this weekend were pretty much over before they started… the Super Bowl should be a completely different story. After accounting for all our early season New England picks, here’s how the season might conclude with a potential¬†39 point swing on the line…

The Main Pool:

  1. Papa Gonzalez – you’ve held strong and haven’t been over thinking things this post season… well you probably have. The good news – you can’t finish in less than 3rd. The bad news – you could finish in 3rd.
  2. “Z” – you’ve floated around the top pretty much all season and deserve a payout after flopping in fantasy football so badly. The worst you can do is 3rd.
  3. PT – you’ve ¬†fought hard to earn a money spot… with a lot of help from guys like Gary & Rich. You can finish anywhere from 1st to out of the money in 5th. Yikes!
  4. Snowflake Hourigan – I bet¬†a lot of the professional speed walkers that you work out with ask a¬†similar¬†question… how do you move your hips like that? I mean… where in the world did you come from?? You’re out of range for 1st or 2nd but could finish anywhere from 3rd-5th… and part of our annals for the 3rd straight year!
  5. Rich – this is your¬†chance to prove to Cassie that you are in fact a man. You’re out of the money and won’t finish any worse but could finish as high as 3rd. This¬†would allow you to treat her to a¬†nice dinner.

The Hot Tub:

Since week 12, Theee Huey¬†has been unstoppable. ¬†However, Josh could spoil everything¬†in a similar fashion¬†to what Stacie did in 1996 and 2013. I don’t know if Stacie actually did anything strange in ’96… but I also don’t know if she didn’t.

If I did not call you name… sadly there’s nothing you can do at this point except finish the season with pride so you can revisit the rankings all year round and aspire to reach the top next season! Never be a quitter. Good luck and cheers to another great season!!

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Weeks 17 & 18 – A Headful of Drywall

So many questions. Why is a dude named Trey taking this picture of ODB Jr. taking a picture of himself¬†posing on a boat? Why can you not take your eyes off this pic? Is this what these guys did for most of that day? If so, how do I get an invite on the next excursion? Earlier this season we discussed¬†how the kicking net sucker punched ODB Jr. in the face… in week 18 he allegedly got attacked by a wall in the locker room at Lambeau Field. He’s a winner.

Speaking of highs, Elias bested the entire lot¬†in¬†week 17… but everyone pretty much has their game face on at this point so competition is tighter than Jr.’s abs. Josh and RC tied for high score in the Tub but it’s going to be mighty difficult to dethrone our current leader… in fact, everyone should just go ahead and give up at this point. Rob and Dusty tried to get cute but ended up with a¬†blurry selfie.

Playoffs get weird so I’m not going to fault anyone for trying to make a move in week 18 or beyond. However, I will note that Doug actually turned in his picks¬†and still managed only 8 points. That’s all I have to say about that. A lot of folks posted perfect scores, but I have a feeling that this will be much more difficult in week 19. Good luck!!

Also, as a follow up to my previous¬†post¬†on¬†paying the pied pool piper. We’re down to 3 delinquents. You now have 3 ways to go about this:¬†check, Paypal (pool email), or Venmo (pool email). Get it done.

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Happy New Year!

First off… Happy New Year! At least Mariah’s performance ‘breakdown’¬†was the last debacle¬†before the end of 2016. She’ll ‘shake it off’ like the rest of us saying ‘bye bye’ to 2016 and embracing 2017 with ‘open arms’… for ‘one sweet day’ soon there will be a winner in the Main Pool and I will be the ‘hero’ of the Hot Tub.¬†‘It’s like that’, yo! Ok… Mariah song tribute¬†over… just remember I can’t do this ‘without you’.

More to come but a couple house cleaning items…

  1. Wild Card weekend starts on Saturday so that’s when picks are due this week.
  2. Time to get paid… don’t make¬†ask Siri to ask Echo to ask Jarvis to Google incriminating pictures of you to grace our blog. I’ve collected from most but there are¬†a few stragglers out there.¬†If you don’t see¬†‘X’ in the paid column by your name that’s a problemo.
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Weeks 14-16 – Hello! Is it me you’re looking for?


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! In the event you don’t read all the incredible literary masterpieces on the blog… a friendly reminder that after week 17, we play all the way through the Super Bowl with each playoff game being a wager game. There’s still plenty of opportunity as we’ve all seen in the past so don’t give up. Aiiight… no one get’s left behind:

Week 14 – The 2016 season marks the most consistent season for the Nelson’s in pool history. It took 6 years for them to figure out that it’s important to submit picks EVERY week but they continue to roll this season after posting another high on week 14. They currently sit in a prime spot to try to cash in this year… amazing! Jason’s monster score also vaulted him up the Hot Tub standings, but it’s going to be extremely difficult for anyone to overtake the current leader… who happens to be one of the pool’s greatest legends and all around international role model. Zach had a rough week and can’t seem to crack the first place code… it’s dangling right in front of him like a tasty carrot to a horse. You can’t just rely on Gary’s late season fade. Kyle posted the low in the Hot Tub but…

Week 15 – …then redeemed himself with a high in week 15. ¬†However, the biggest development besides the beginning of the end for the Bucs was the start of Rich’s meteoric rise. We’ll get to that in a minute. Bob and Olga both got cute and ended up on the low end of the spectrum… but I think Bob was the bad influence and Olga probably agrees.

Week 16 – After back-to-back highs, Rich jumped into overall first. Zach must be pissed but probably not as much as Faulkner. I’m not sure what Dave was thinking… the next lowest score was Gary’s but that was almost 50 points higher. Also, Gary… WTF?!? ¬†Zach… maybe you can rely on Gary’s late season fade. Coulter posted a low in the Hot Tub that was almost as embarrassing as Dave’s… but not quite. And finally, Dylan had a nice moment in the sun, but still has a better chance (albeit a long shot) to overtake me on the bench. Yeah, Brah!

Good luck this week and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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Weeks 12-13 – Sacrebleu! What eez dees… a leetle crab?

jameis-winston-tampa-bay-buccaneers-san-diego-chargersWTF is going on in Tampa… just when you think you’ve got the Bucs all figured out they go screw everything up. Hope everyone had a¬†great¬†Thanksgiving and sorry for the delay in¬†moving¬†that turkey image down the page. As an additional update, that turkey has been killed :(… but the good news is I think that pic was from a while ago¬†so he’s been dead a long time.

The pool has officially separated into winners and… winners. Highlights:

  • Main Pool Highs¬†– Bob¬†won the MVP turkey leg in week 12 with a dominant performance and big gamble Green Bay’s resurgence.¬†Bob credits his stellar play¬†this year to ‘double checking’ his picks… hehe… you know like discount double check… Aaron Rodgers? I know it wasn’t funny… double check yourself before you wreck yourself. Week 13 goes to “soon to be¬†father¬†like any second”¬†Elias… this is the lucky week!!!
  • Main Pool Lows – In week 12, the Nelson’s didn’t show that cunning focus we’ve witness this season. Similarly, the Frenchman tried to make an interesting move with the Jets in Week 13 but it turned out about as ugly as that game. Who picks the Jets??
  • Hot Tub Highs – I went ahead and put everyone on notice in week 12. I’m not screwing around with this sh$% anymore and you should all expect complete domination from this point forward. While both Josh and Stacie had fantastic week 13’s¬†(awwww… very cute guys!), it’s not surprising that Stacie edged him out for the high. There can be only one.
  • Hot Tub Lows –¬†Olga (aka Nana)… you can thank my good friend Richard Bautista¬†for posting a pretty horrendous week 12 score. If it weren’t for Richard, I’d be writing about you in back-to-back¬†weeks (this honor is traditionally reserved for the Nelsons).¬†I guess I’m kind of discussing the situation. Sorry. The good news is that you are the best and I’ll leave it at that!

Good luck this week and get those picks in!

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Week 11 – A Taste of America (also don’t forget the Hot Tub!)

nfl-thanksgivingAs a quick reminder… week 12 starts the Hot Tub!! I can finally move on to¬†further embarrassment in the kiddie pool. Yeah! The week 12 pick sheet has¬†been posted since we’ve got 3 games to think about on Thursday in addition to tasty delights which are sure to distract our keen football senses. If you want to jump out of the main pool, just say the magic words in your email this week. Some of you are on the slower side, so just in case… the magic words are “Hot Tub, please”.

Shining laser pointers in people’s eyes is definitely a way to get yourself on the wrong side of a 40′ wall… who does that?!? Osweiler has a hard enough time completing passes to his own team. The good news is that laser pointers don’t phase Dylan. In an effort to avoid the Mexican mayhem, the man does his pick sheets blindfolded. Hot Tub, please!

After posting a strong 116, Rich now leads House Leatham. Knowing Cassie, that type of nonsense will likely be short lived one way or another :).

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and good luck this week!!!

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Week 10 – Rocked

Times are a changing in 2016…


  • The Cowboy’s are the #1 team in the NFL… and look the part.
  • The¬†Nelson’s continue their march towards the top of our standings with this week’s¬†high. Drawing inspiration from the Trump, they’re on a mission to make this pool great again. If their success is any indication of what’s in store for America… good things are to come. Actually, this pool is already the best in the world.
  • Gary is still¬†our fearful leader after several weeks on top. Don’t worry, his main weakness is his lack of experience in this spot… the crown will get heavy.

Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly get any dumber, I went ahead and¬†dropped¬†a 17 pointer. Yea… that blows. A score like this is dangerously close to one that the Rams could match on their best day. To make things worse, Faulkner mailed me a napkin with his week 10 picks like¬†4 weeks ago before he left for his¬†annual¬†grizzly bear hunt and¬†still scored roughly 5.3x more points. F#$%.

It’s interesting that the Giants are the only team to beat the Cowboys this season… but¬†(spoiler alert Ed McD) they’ll get throttled in the rematch on¬†12/11. Good luck this week and get your picks in on time!

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