Weeks 5-6 – A Brave New World


Strange times are upon us. After 6 weeks, the Nelson’s are in 4th place. The highest that Lee has ever finished is 30th… which took place that one year where we only had 30 participants. Some week 5 recap:

  1. He was first week 4 but last week 5. According to Dusty (and the great Ricky Bobby), anything other than first is last so there’s no serious cause for panic.
  2. He was last week 4 but first week 5. C May offers a twist on this philosophical perspective… anything other than last is basically first.

Good and bad jobs guys! You’re still bottom of the barrel with me… woohoo!

As far as week 6, Faulkner crushed it and almost doubled Lori’s very rough score. I’m still voting for you for El Presidente, but I think she just called you a “nasty man”. Is that your old college nickname or just what the guys call you in the gym these days?

Good luck this week and get your picks in on time!

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Week 4 – Feasting on Fig Newtons

cam-newtonA few folks gambled on those mighty Giants… ‘hey mon’, you’ll C May in the hot tub’ took a severe plunge and replaced Dusty in last place… very lucky for may… everytin’ irie! Little brother Huey was doing pretty well, but is now nose diving at a Jameis Winston-like pace. It would be an interesting week to take another gamble on your home boy… over/under on how many picks he tosses in Carolina??

How Dusty got his groove back. No longer content as a bottom feeder, he posted a monster score on a tough week and is determined to finish in at least 26th place. Nice work and solid expectations!

Good luck and don’t forget your picks!

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Week 3 – He’s Got The Magic… Ma Ma Magic Magic Magic


A lot of questions after this week… Is Alex Smith rubbing some healing powers off on Fitzmagic after his 6 pick debacle or did he just want to touch his head? Does Alex Smith really have enough special powers to go around? Has karma finally found me this season as it appears that I’ve “almost” (thanks Dusty!) taken the place of the Nelson’s? Is Cal Naughton Jr. the only other guy next to Zach that has successfully transitioned from last to first? If Ed McD picked a fight with a kicking net… would he lose just as badly as ODB Jr? Is getting hit in the face by a kicking net sort of what it feels like to post the low score… John??


Z may have taken over 1st place after a successful gamble on the Falcons, but Brittany made the biggest move after posting a slightly better Week 3. She always stands by her Falcons… except most weeks and fairly recently as far as Super Bowl predictions. The Baruch’s can hold their heads high all thanks to her! Good luck this week and get your picks in on time!

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Week 2 – He Got Confused

confusionThe silver lining to an otherwise embarrassing weekend for FSU football is that Warrick Dunn probably built a house and fed a family in need somewhere. Winston may just be an avid bird lover given the feast that he provided to the Cardinals. However, it was famine for calendar boy and animal lover Mr. May this weekend. Arizona mustered up more points than both he and Coulter. You guys should really focus on doing better.

On this flip side, Doug has now emerged as our fearful leader after a big (but now very understandable) bet against da Bears. This might be a bit fluky since Ed Mc-D posted the second highest score and finds himself in the top 5 mix… Eli was still at Mississippi last time that happened.

Good luck this week!

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Week 1 – The Laces Were In!

Good thing there’s a week 2… the Rams have another opportunity to impress all of us… and so do the Nelson’s (and I). More to come, but if you’re an early bird this week, please don’t forget to include your AFC & NFC Super Bowl picks in the email when you submit your sheet, yo.

It’s all about the small victories:

  1. The Nelson’s appear to have upgraded to a version of Excel that is newer than the MS Office 1997 Suite.
  2. The Nelson’s posted a score that was lower than mine… albeit barely. Washington’s defense is stout.
  3. Bob has been doing a lot of studying this off season and put everyone on notice. It was basically Bob and then the rest of us. The reemergence of John was also a nice surprise.

A couple folks tend to whine about why the Metro pool is still Excel based. These same individuals witnessed the epic crash of the ESPN fantasy app on Sunday. Excel is always there for you… it’s as predictable as a Cowboy’s blunder and as simple as Belichick’s recipe for winning: (i) small white guys have something to prove in the NFL & (ii) a sexy QB is a confident QB… #wowweewow


Good luck this week!

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Sweet… ’16!!

Screen-Shot-2016-09-04-at-9.21.20-AMWhile Brady kicks back and enjoys his beaming number affixed atop Gillette lighthouse, our wait is officially over!  I know for many of you this pool represents a similar symbol of hope… a guiding light through the several months of darkness that we all manage to endure in the absence of football. We begin this season with a lot of questions… can Snowflake Hourigan continue his pool dominance? If Tony Romo worked as a clerk at the Gap, would he still break something in August/September-ish?

The first pick sheet has been posted… get your picks in before kickoff on 9/8! Good luck this season and please send over yo dough ($25 via mail or PayPal por favor).

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Week 21 – Broncos’ Swingin’ D’


Defense was the big swing factor. Denver vaulted Snowflake into overall 1st and boosted little brother Huey into 3rd. Cassie, Stacie, Bautista, and I felt like Cam… just watching fumbles bounce the other way and dollar dollar bills vanish. The Broncos deserved the win and it was a fitting end to another exciting year of pool action. We wish everyone the best offseason and it’s never too early to start prepping for next year… a lot / most of you guys need a ton of help. Peace out!

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Week 20 – It’s Game Time


I hope this one ends like it did for Woody and his pals in Toy Story 3. I liken the Bronco’s season much to that of the Toy Story trilogy. The Sheriff and his friends triumphed over often times what appeared to be insurmountable adversity by sticking together and never leaving a man/toy behind. But now they’re up against a machine that has been (for the most part) lights out on both sides of the ball. If the Sheriff comes with a plan, this one could leave us all in tears much like the last 10 minutes of TS3… I didn’t cry but I noticed a lot of other people around me in the theater.

Stacie D had a pretty incredible comeback which is left her vying for the big money once again (2nd time in 3 seasons). A 39 point swing is up for grabs in the upcoming SB week. Not to discourage anyone from finishing the season strong and with great pride, but sadly this puts everyone outside the top 5 in our main pool in a no-mo-money spot. Inside the top 5… all kinds of crazy stuff can happen. Similarly in the Hot Tub… top 4 have a chance at the bling bling.

All AFC/NFC picks have been accounted for in the latest point totals. Bob was the only one to get any points this season for a correct SB team in rolling with Denver. However, this was thoroughly negated by his -24. There’s no more hating on low points at this point, we all know what you were trying to do… the bigger questions is what were you doing all season 🙂

Good luck and don’t forget your one final pick sheet before game time!

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Week 18 – Beer Me Bro!

By no stretch of the imagination am I a Steelers fan. I really tried to like Cincy… I didn’t pick them, but I tried to like them. However, the whole Saturday night debacle was pretty disgraceful: Marvin Lewis’ lack of leadership, dirty plays, and most importantly… if you’re dumb enough to throw a $12 beer at a guy being carted off the field, at least give him a heads up so he can have a chance at enjoying the tasty brew. Those stale beers should have been thrown at Lewis and Dalton. It’s the playoffs. Big Ben would play with a fractured skull but Dalton’s pinkie was too painful to sack up for his team. You can’t get your hair to look like that without using your thumb… trust me… I’ve tried (it was a few years ago and a College thang).

There were several perfect scores this week, but Meghan & Danita were the biggest winners. Meghan moved into 6th (in striking distance for some diaper cash) and Danita is now leading the Hot Tub once again! Rich posted a -40. This is about 100 points off anything acceptable. Phillip wasn’t too far behind with a -16: the opposite of good.

Division Week!! Good luck and get your picks in before Saturday kickoff!

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Week 16 and a Weak 17

Hope everyone had a great New Year! Jason got back on track in Week 16 after soliciting some solid advice from Mallory (who undoubtedly used her Jedi powers to see into the future). If you’re in the top 10ish at this point, you can still finish in the money. The key is using the force. Gary posted the high in Week 17… which was pretty ugly for most of us. However, he’s still got a little work to do to overtake Faulkner who finally pried 1st away from Danita in the Hot Tub… for now.

hekkerOlga had another rough outing in Week 16, but for the past two weeks, Rich has been as embarrassing as Johnny Hekker. It’s sad to see a grown man cower in fear. Cassie would probably help you some if you just regularly proclaim her greatness. She must think she’s about one week away from taking over 1st place… but I think not!

Wild Card weekend is upon us and it’s all big wagers from here on out! Dreams will be made… and shattered. As exciting as the playoffs are, it starts a sad progression towards the end of football season. It was hard to say goodbye to Scott Hason on Sunday. I’ll miss you my friend. Good luck as we start the post season… get your picks in before the first game on Saturday!!

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